status: in progress

year: 2018

location: Purok 6, Lower Navy Base, Saint Joseph Village, Baguio City, Philippines

clients: tribal covenant church ambassadors (tcca)

program: participatory design + build

services: architectural consultancy


Nestled amongst the Naval base squatter of Baguio, sits the Indigenous School of Theology and the Tribal Covenant Church Ambassadors building. This building is much more than just a religious dwelling, it serves a purpose amongst its communi­ty as a place of gathering, education, outreach into the wider tribal areas, and a place where ideas of innovation for a more prosperous future are created.

As a community, this building started from a mere shed and has expanded as the bold efforts of the community realised its potential and purpose. As we raise funds we aim to break the construction of the building into 4 phases so that there are clear and immediate goals. These goals not only align with financial assistance, but are also an opportunity to develop skills, implement new forms of health and safety and unlock potential in the community for career pathways and up skill in local talent.