Pukeahu National War Memorial Park COMPETITION


status: submitted

year: 2018

location: State Highway 1, Te Aro, Wellington

clients: ministry for culture and heritage

Program: design competition

services: architectural consultancy, mau tu


Our proposal connects the Pukeahu National War Memorial Park to a wider regional identity – MAUMOANA. The sacred place not only honours and respects the lives lost during global war and conflicts, but also what they fought for; our people, our land, our ocean. In honour and respect of these lives, the memorial explores the realities and worldviews of Pasifika peoples - that the ocean brings peace, harmony, and connectedness to our people. Additionally, it becomes a place where people can exchange their stories and experiences of war, peacekeeping, and our collective energy to mitigate environmental impacts on the entity that connects all our nations – the Ocean.

Our proposal draws inspiration from the Ocean in hope that it also inspires and educates all communities on who we are, how we arrived to Aotearoa, and our connection back to our homelands. MAUMOANA consists of three distinctive features; the VAKA (roof form) (unified term for vessel), POU TU (vertical members) (unified term for posts), and MOANA (the base) (unified term for “Ocean”).

We sweat and cry salt water, so we know that the ocean is really in our blood
— Teresia Teaiwa