status: complete

year: 2018

location: 16-18 Ferguson street, mangere east, auckland

clients: me family services

program: masterplanning, participatory design + build

services: mau academy, mau workshop, architectural consultancy


Te Puna Oranga provided educational opportunities for local schools and community members in horticulture, arts, light construction, and hands-on programmes.

Workshops were held every Monday of the academic calendar with students who wished to pursue creative, design, and artistic industries. It was a platform for the students to be self-expressive, create meaningful responses to social problems, and to understand their MAU.


Mural Art

Supported by mural artist Amiria, the students designed and painted an art mural on a retrofitted shipping container. The challenge was to design an art mural that reflected their MAU, and the kaupapa of ME Family Services.



The students drew inspiration from the waka, and wetlands, to drive the function of a pavilion in the community garden. What eventuated was a Story Pavilion that tells the story of the Community Garden, and also of the “place” in which they’re are building - Mangere East.


garden bed

MAU Academy were challenged to use materials that were on site, and within the community to build the community garden. A concept that rose from engagements with ME Family Services was to use tyres to build tyre seats and garden beds. Throughout the process we engaged with the kindergarten and primary school to paint their aspirations and dreams onto them.